A Short Guide to Jinri Toutiao Advertising

An Introduction about Jinri Toutiao Advertising

Jinri Toutiao is China’s most popular news and information content platform. It shows users an endless feed of news, videos and personalized contents according to a user’s location, interests, reading history, clicks and browser history, and even phone model with AI technology. Jinri Toutiao advertising belongs to in-feed ads based on users’ interests. Ads will be shown in content feeds and marked as “Ad”. If users are interested in the ad, they will click into thereby increasing ad views. Because the ad is based on user’s interests, Toutiao can deliver the ad accurately to your target audience. The smart display campaigns will cover billions of users, which is a one-stop solution to local business , promotion activities, mobile App promotion, telephone consultation and other marketing appeals, so it is a good marketing method to increase more customers.

Features of Jinri Toutiao Advertising

1.Better Exposure

Ad delivery system on Jinri Toutiao supports setting locations, interests and schedule post based on advertiser’s needs. The in-feed ads always show on the fourth place. On Jinri Toutiao, the in-feed ad will cover almost all of users.

2 Multiple Ad Displays

All of formats of ad support large images, small images, a set of images, GIF images and video display. Advertisers can choose different platforms and ad formats based on different products for a good conversion rate. It can meet their needs from different aspects.

3.Accurate Ads Delivery

Once the AI technology identifies target demographics, your campaign will automatically be adjusted to target users from your new target audience base. Jinri Toutiao ads will target users from various dimensions including article contents, specific article categories, specific Toutiaohao and articles with specific keyword. The app supports targeting users by gender, age, marital status and other basic information, which can improve digital campaign accuracy.

Three Most Popular Ad Formats on Toutiao

Three most popular ad formats include Open-up ads, In-feed ads, and In-article ads. Different formats have different advantages. Advertisers can choose an appropriate format based on products and services.

1、Open-up Ads

Open-up ad refers to an ad that pops up once users opened the App. After finished the display, users will enter the home page. This format is shown in a prominent advertising space. The full screen display will bring a strong visual impact. This format supports displaying the ad and landing page in different time to satisfy customer’s personalized promotional goals. The purpose of using this format is to show the brand or landing page.

Features: This format supports static, dynamic and video display. Statics display will last 3 seconds but users can click on the ad. Both two types of dynamic displays will last for three seconds. The difference between these two types is whether users can click on it or not. The video display will last for five seconds and users can click on it.

Advantages: It can increase your brand awareness. The full screen display is able to create a strong visual impact, which is suitable for advertisers who need a high level of brand awareness. In addition, an advertiser can also add a web link to guide users to the landing page, then advertising effects will be increased a lot.

Charging methods: There are mainly two ways for advertisers to bid the ad including CPT( Cost per Time) and GD(Guarantee Delivery ).


2、In-feed Ads

In-feed ads belong to a form of recommendation ads based on AI technology in content feeds. This is the most common format of recommendation ads and local ads in content feeds.

In-feed ads on Toutiao have access to millions of users that use the app for long and serious reading sessions. The purpose of using this format is to promote the landing page or mobile Apps and to encourage customers make phone calls.

Features: It supports many types of displays including small images, large images, GIF images, panoramas and carousel displays.

Advantages: First, it can enhance user experience because the ad is in the news feed. In addition, various advertising forms can suit advertisers from different industries. Next, illustrated ads can leave a deep impression on users so this format will increase users’ intention to purchase displayed products. Finally, with panoramas, 360-degree customer view will help you promote your products because customers can learn your products completely.

Charging methods: There are mainly three ways for advertisers to bid the ad including CPD(Cost Per Download), CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Mille) .

3.In-article Ads

This format is shown in the middle of the articles and related readings. Once users clicked into it, they will be guided to the landing page. This format aims to promote the landing page and App.

Features: It supports small images, large images, GIF images, a set of images and video displays.

Advantages: You can create quality advertising contents with this form to attract users. Original contents with high-quality are welcomed by most users so this format ad is suitable for those advertisers with ability to innovate.

Charging methods: There are mainly three ways for advertisers to bid the ad including CPD(Cost Per Download), CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Mille) .

In conclusion, Jinri Toutiao Ads is right for your business to promote brands in China. If you want get great benefits with a limited budget, please have a try!

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